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Information & Guidelines

Due to the ongoing uncertainty around Covid-19, certain measures have been put in place to protect you, your little ones and our staff from Covid-19 as much as possible. Please read the below guidelines and acquaint yourself with them before you come to school.
These measures are to help protect everyone.



All parents/carers are asked to wear face masks when picking up/dropping off unless medically exempt.


When picking up/dropping off, all parents/carers must queue following the floor markings and signage to social distance effectively.


All children must:
1. Bring a full change of clothes in a bag - labelled clearly with their name.
2. Bring a water bottle - labelled clearly with their name.
3. Bring a lunchbox - labelled clearly with their name. 
4. Have their name clearly labelled on their jackets and coats.


Unfortunately, Parents/Carers will not be permitted to enter the premises upstairs. However:
1. Parents will be given a slot for meetings with their child's Key Person.
2. For settling in, Parents/Carers are permitted to wait downstairs (only six at any time whilst wearing a face mask).
3. Depending on availability of the downstairs hall, this may be expanded.



The bubble system introduced post-lockdown will continue.


Children will be supervised in the toilet and wash their hands for twenty seconds using soap or hand wash.


There will be no field trips until further notice.

If you wish for any further information regarding what we're doing to protect against COVID-19, please feel free to call us.

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