Headteacher's Welcome


Since we began in 2009, Saint Panteleimon Nursery School has grown in strength every time we implemented a new vision. We believe in encouraging independent thought and the layout of our setting reflects this - each room is based on one of the Seven Areas of Learning in accordance with the EYFS, however children are perfectly free to decide which room they enter - be it the Physical Room for physical activities, the Creative Room to paint, stick or explore materials, the Home Corner to dress up and take part in group imaginative play or the Construction Room for building, mathematic activities and small world play. In each room, all other areas of learning are covered to complement the main theme. Circle Time and Story Time also take place in each room.


Each room hosts varied activities and ensures there's a balance between adult-led and child-initiated activities, whilst taking into consideration the interests, skills, abilities and needs of each individual child. 

Andri Kyriakidou BSc, PGCE, MAEd, EYPS

Headteacher, Provider and Owner

Designated Safeguarding Lead

Special Educational Needs Coordinator

First Aider

Meet Our Team

Anjal Ahluwalia

Deputy Manager

Safeguarding Officer

Special Educational Needs Coordinator

Behaviour Coordinator

Health and Safety Officer

First Aider

Dimitra Kyriakidou-Caborn BA (Hons), MAEd

Second Deputy

Special Educational Needs Coordinator

Language Coordinator

Collaborative Dance Coordinator

First Aider

Sharlene Phillips

Third Deputy

Construction Room Coordinator

Maths/SWP Coordinator

First Aider

Natasha Burke

Creative/EAD Room Coordinator

First Aider

Falguni Trivedi

Physical Room Coordinator

First Aider

Mary K.JPG
Mary Kyriakou

Home Corner/ Imaginative Room Coordinator

First Aider

Nicoleta Rascanu

Construction Room Teaching Assistant

First Aider

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