Lunch and Snacks

Saint Panteleimon Nursery School has a packed lunch policy. 

Whilst we monitor the contents of lunch and snack boxes carefully, it is up to the child's parents to decide what to include.

We do, however, have certain requirements that must be followed.

No Nuts


No Grapes


No Cherries


No fruits with seeds


Allergies - even being near nuts can cause reactions in some people

Choke risk - at home, it is advised only to feed them to toddlers by cutting the grapes into quarters and removing the skin

Choke risk due to seeds

Choke risk due to seeds

No Crisps


Unhealthy 'junk' food that doesn't adequately 

support a child's healthy development

No Chocolate


Unhealthy 'junk' food that doesn't adequately 

support a child's healthy development

For birthday parties and other special events, please discuss any food and/or cakes you wish to bring in. As a general rule, cakes are always eggless to ensure all children can eat them.

Please feel free to discuss this further at any time with the Manager or Deputy 

Find out more about how you can ensure your child enjoys a healthy lifestyle on the NHS' Change4Life website

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