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EAL Children 

EAL - English as an Additional Language.  

Most of the children attending our nursery are classed as EAL. 

We have a tremendous amount of experience helping very young EAL children grow in confidence and develop their language and literacy skills. Most of our staff are also bilingual so can offer extra reassurance and guidance.

For a helpful list of resources for EAL families, click here to visit Harrow Council's 'Virtual School' website.

Below are a few useful facts for parents of children with English as an Additional Language.

You should continue talking to your child in your home language. 

Children learn English best when they have a strong foundation in another language. Although some parents may think it's best to only use English at home, the reality is the opposite. 

Children learning English often go through a quiet phase.

This is extremely common and no cause for concern. Usually, after soaking up phrases and words in English and being allowed the chance to practice in a comfortable environment, children will begin to speak on their own and may even use both languages in one sentence for a while.

Speaking more than one language is very beneficial for children.

Studies have suggested that children who are bilingual have increased brain power, are more likely to be aware of other cultures, points of view and be better at multi-tasking.

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